Rabu, 18 November 2009


Last week,I had my class party.Year 4- off course.We ate KFC and mcm2 lg junk food.I made this party as simple as I can. Many works to do.Futhermore many the great teachers went out for the course.

This pic was my headmistress and peers in my school.Yummy dishes hah ?

Selasa, 17 November 2009

Display pictures-The persons that you know...........

Last Year punya pic. Ni tiger's classmate punya wedding.So,check it out either you noticed or not the person appeared in this pic.

BEN 10 OH BEN 10

Whatever character it is , Ben 10 is the best.( my son said la).He likes Ben10 very much.Stakat omnitrik aku dah puas beli.Duit Omnitrik tu kalau aku kumpul dapat beli beras bergantang gantang. Kenyang aku.Semua benda dia nak beli dan nak wat collection either kertas iklan yang orang buang tepi jalanpun dia akan kecoh kalau hilang.Kek yang atas tu masa birthday dia baru ni.Wah!Ilham was so excited.

Photo with fadli pikt.Now he is teaching in KL international school.He has resigned with government.This photo was taken when we visited him during last raya.He is doing many jobs now.Still Happening and havoc when had conversation with him.Teringat masa dalam kelas masa kat maktab dulu.huhu

Jumaat, 6 November 2009

My family-

Jangan marah ha... normally  first appearnce should be introduce my self.... I,m married with a son .My hubby as you know ..tiger....Mohd Rozahalimi B.. Mohd Zakaria( pimo mpppp 2000-2003).I,m teaching in Sk Paya Ara , Temerloh while my hubby in SMK Seri Tualang Temerloh.


This is my son.His name is Ilham Kauthar . He is three years old. He was born on 26 June 2006. So far, he is only the one lah......After this, don't know .Wait and see.3 or 4 will coming soon.Ha ha .Hopefully no more  appear from the window.